What Amillennialism.org is All About

Amillennialism.org is a website that is devoted to eschatology. The specific function of this website is to primarily examine all major eschatological positions, provide critiques of those positions, and to look at the Biblical text and examine what it has to say about eschatology. And while there are issues with each major eschatological position, including Amillennialism, we believe that the Amillennial position is the most consistent, Biblical representation of eschatology.

Futurism vs. Preterism

Amillennialism.org takes a partial preterist approach to eschatology. This is not necessarily reflective of all those who hold to an Amillennial position, but we feel that it helps to make the Amillennial position more Biblical and Biblically defensible. As with all the major positions, however, we do hold a great deal of charity when it comes to those who disagree

Final Eschatological Caveat

Amillennialism.org not only wants to train and educate its readers in eschatology but it also wants to equip the saints on better ways of dealing with each other when it comes to eschatology. We recognize that discussing or debating eschatology is not always profitable and we believe that we know why. It’s our aim to seek to correct that and provide the sains with more profitable ways of discussing and debating eschatology.

Please Feel Free to Submit Articles on Amillennialism or Partial Preterism

All blog post submissions can be sent to admin@amillennialism.org. This is obviously not a guarantee that your article will be posted as it will be reviewed and determined if it should be posted on our site. For more information please feel to contact us.

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